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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The initialization automatically continues when
driving resumes.
Safety information
A damaged regular tire with low or miss‐
ing tire inflation pressure impacts handling,
such as steering and braking response. Run-
flat tires can maintain limited stability. There is
a risk of an accident. Do not continue driving if
the vehicle is equipped with normal tires. Fol‐
low the information on run-flat tires and contin‐
ued driving with these tires.◀
Indication of a flat tire
A yellow warning light is illuminated in
the instrument cluster.
In addition, a symbol with a Check Control
message appears on the Control Display.
Possible cause
There is a flat tire or a major loss in
tire inflation pressure.
Reduce your speed and stop cautiously.
Avoid sudden braking and steering maneu‐
Identify the damaged wheel. Check the air
pressure in all four tires, for instance using
the tire pressure gage of a tire repair kit. If
the tire inflation pressure in all tires is cor‐
rect, the Flat Tire Monitor may not have
been initialized. In this case, initialize the
Repair the flat tire, for instance with a tire
repair kit or by changing the tire.
System limits
The system could be delayed or malfunction in
the following situations:
A natural, even tire inflation pressure loss
in all four tires will not be recognized.
Therefore, check the tire inflation pressure
Sudden serious tire damage caused by ex‐
ternal circumstances cannot be recognized
in advance.
When the system has not been initialized.
When driving on a snowy or slippery road
Sporty driving style: spinning traction
wheels, high lateral acceleration (drifting).
When driving with snow chains.
Intelligent Safety
The concept
Intelligent Safety enables central operation of
the driver assistance system.
Depending on how the vehicle is equipped, In‐
telligent Safety consists of one or more sys‐
tems that can help prevent a imminent colli‐
sion. These systems are active automatically
every time the engine is started using the
Start/Stop button:
Front-end collision warning with City Brak‐
ing function, refer to page
Pedestrian warning, refer to page
Safety information
Indicators and warnings do not relieve
the driver from personal responsibility. Due to
system limits, warnings or reactions of the sys‐
tem may not be output or they may be output
too late or incorrectly. There is a risk of an ac‐
cident. Adjust the driving style to the traffic
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