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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Setting the warning time
The warning time can be set.
Using iDrive:
"Frontal Coll. Warning"
Activate the desired time on the Control
The selected time is stored for the driver pro‐
file currently used.
Warning with braking function
If a collision with a vehicle detected in this way
is imminent, a warning symbol appears on the
instrument cluster.
Symbol lights up red: prewarning.
Brake and increase distance.
Symbol flashes red and an acoustic
signal sounds: acute warning.
You are requested to intervene by
braking or make an evasive maneu‐
This warning is issued, e.g., when there is the
impending danger of a collision or the distance
to the vehicle ahead is too small.
The driver must intervene actively when there
is a prewarning.
Acute warning with braking function
Acute warning is displayed in case of the immi‐
nent danger of a collision when the vehicle ap‐
proaches another object at a high differential
The driver must intervene actively when there
is an acute warning. If necessary, the driver is
assisted by a minor automatic braking inter‐
vention in a possible risk of collision.
Acute warnings can also be triggered without
previous forewarning.
Braking intervention
The warning prompts the driver himself/herself
to react. During a warning, the maximum brak‐
ing force is used. Prerequisite for the brake
booster is sufficiently quick and hard stepping
on the brake pedal. The system can assist with
some braking intervention if there is a risk of a
collision. At low speeds vehicles may thus
come to a complete stop.
Manual transmission: during a braking inter‐
vention up to a complete stop, the engine may
be shut down.
The braking intervention is executed only if ve‐
hicle stability has not been restricted, for in‐
stance by deactivating the DSC Dynamic Sta‐
bility Control.
The braking intervention can be interrupted by
stepping on the accelerator pedal or by ac‐
tively moving the steering wheel.
Object detection can be restricted. Observe
the limitations of the detection range and func‐
tional restrictions.
System limits
Safety information
The system can react incorrectly or not
at all due to the system limits. There is a risk of
accidents or risk of property damage. Observe
the information regarding the system limits
and actively intervene, if needed.◀
Detection range
The system's detection potential is limited.
Thus, a system reaction might not come or
might come late.
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