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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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E.g., the following situations may not be de‐
Slow moving vehicles when you approach
them at high speed.
Vehicles that suddenly swerve in front of
you, or sharply decelerating vehicles.
Vehicles with an unusual rear appearance.
Two-wheeled vehicles ahead of you.
Functional limitations
The system may not be fully functional in the
following situations:
In heavy fog, rain, sprayed water or snow‐
In tight curves.
If the driving stability control systems are
limited or deactivated, for instance DSC
If the field of view of the camera in the mir‐
ror is dirty or obscured.
Up to 10 seconds after the start of the en‐
gine via the Start/Stop button.
During calibration of the camera immedi‐
ately after vehicle delivery.
If there are constant blinding effects be‐
cause of oncoming light, for instance from
the sun low in the sky.
Warning sensitivity
The more sensitive the warning settings are,
such as the warning time, the more warnings
are displayed. However, there may also be an
excess of false warnings.
Pedestrian warning with
Approach control
The system can help prevent accidents with
When driving at city speeds, the system will is‐
sue a warning if there is imminent danger of a
collision with pedestrians and includes a brak‐
ing function.
The camera in the area of the rearview mirror
controls the system.
General information
With sufficient brightness, the system warns
about possible collision danger with pedes‐
trians starting at approx. 6 mph/10 km/h to ap‐
prox. 35 mph/60 km/h and assists with braking
before a collision.
The system reacts to people who are within
the detection range of the system.
Detection range
The detection area in front of the vehicle is div‐
ided into two areas:
Central area, arrow 1, directly in front of the
Expanded area, arrow 2, to the right and
left of the central area.
A collision is imminent if pedestrians are lo‐
cated within the central area. A warning is is‐
sued about pedestrians who are located within
the extended area only if they are moving in
the direction of the central area.
Safety information
Indicators and warnings do not relieve
the driver from personal responsibility. Due to
system limits, warnings or reactions of the sys‐
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