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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Object detection can be restricted. Observe
the limitations of the detection range and func‐
tional restrictions.
System limits
Safety information
The system can react incorrectly or not
at all due to the system limits. There is a risk of
accidents or risk of property damage. Observe
the information regarding the system limits
and actively intervene, if needed.◀
Detection range
The detection potential of the camera is lim‐
Thus, a warning might not be issued or be is‐
sued late.
E.g., the following situations may not be de‐
Partially covered pedestrians.
Pedestrians that are not detected as such
because of the viewing angle or contour.
Pedestrians outside of the detection range.
Pedestrians having a body size less than
32 in/80 cm.
Functional limitations
The system may not be fully functional or may
not be available in the following situations:
In heavy fog, rain, sprayed water or snow‐
In tight curves.
If the driving stability control systems are
deactivated, for instance DSC OFF.
If the field of view of the camera or the
windshield are dirty or covered.
Up to 10 seconds after the start of the en‐
gine via the Start/Stop button.
During calibration of the camera immedi‐
ately after vehicle delivery.
If there are constant blinding effects be‐
cause of oncoming light, for instance from
the sun low in the sky.
When it is dark outside.
Lane departure warning
Starting at a specific speed, this system alerts
you when the vehicle on streets with lane
markings is about to leave the lane. This
speed, depending on the country version, is
between 35 mph/55 km/h and
45 mph/70 km/h.
When switching on the system below this
speed, a message is displayed in the instru‐
ment cluster.
The steering wheel begins vibrating gently in
the event of warnings. The time of the warning
may vary depending on the current driving sit‐
The system does not provide a warning if the
turn signal is set before leaving the lane.
Safety information
The system does not release the driver
from the personal responsibility to correctly
assess route and traffic situation. There is a
risk of an accident. Adjust the driving style to
the traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and
actively intervene in the respective situations.
In the event of a warning, do not unnecessarily
jerk the steering wheel.◀
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