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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Button in the vehicle
DSC OFF button
Indicator/warning lights
The indicator lamp flashes: DSC con‐
trols the drive and braking forces.
The indicator lamp lights up: DSC has
Deactivating DSC: DSC OFF
General information
When DSC is deactivated, driving stability is
reduced during acceleration and when driving
in curves.
To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC
again as soon as possible.
Deactivating DSC
Press and hold this button but not longer
than approx. 10 seconds, until the indica‐
tor light for DSC OFF lights up in the instru‐
ment cluster and displays DSC OFF.
DSC is switched off.
Engine tuning switches to a sportier setting.
Activating DSC
Press button.
DSC OFF and the DSC OFF indicator lamp go
Indicator/warning lights
When DSC is deactivated, DSC OFF is dis‐
played in the instrument cluster.
The indicator lamp lights up: DSC is
M Dynamic Mode MDM
M Dynamic Mode makes it possible to drive on
a dry roadway with high longitudinal and trans‐
verse acceleration but with limited driving sta‐
Only in the absolute limit area does the system
intervene for stabilization by reducing the en‐
gine power and by braking interventions on the
wheels. In this driving condition, additional
steering corrections may be necessary.
You may find it useful to briefly activate MDM
under the following special circumstances:
When driving in slush or on uncleared,
snow-covered roads.
When freeing vehicle from deep snow or
driving off from loose ground.
When driving with snow chains.
Safety information
When M Dynamic Mode is activated, sta‐
bilizing interventions are carried out only to a
reduced extent. There is a risk of accidents or
risk of property damage. Adapt to traffic condi‐
tions. Watch traffic closely and actively inter‐
vene in the respective situations. In the event
of a warning, do not unnecessarily jerk the
steering wheel.◀
To increase vehicle stability, activate DSC
again as soon as possible.
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