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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Activating MDM
Press button briefly.
The DSC OFF indicator light is illumi‐
nated and TRACTION is displayed in the in‐
strument cluster.
Deactivating MDM
Press button.
DSC OFF indicator light and TRACTION
indicator are no longer illuminated.
Indicator/warning lights
Indicator light is illuminated and
TRACTION is displayed in the in‐
strument cluster:
M Dynamic Mode is activated.
DSC indicator light also flashes:
M Dynamic Mode controls the drive
forces and braking forces.
Indicator lights light up:
M Dynamic Mode or DSC has failed.
Active M differential
The concept
The active M differential assures continuously
variable locking of the rear axle differential de‐
pending on the driving situation. This prevents
individual rear wheels from spinning even
when DSC is switched off and in M Dynamic
Mode, so that optimum traction is always as‐
sured in all driving situations.
The driver is responsible adapting his or her
driving behavior to the situation.
Servotronic is a speed-dependent power
steering function.
The system provides the steering force with
more support at low speeds than at higher
ones. This makes it easier to park, for instance,
and makes steering more direct when driving
at faster speeds.
Furthermore, the steering force adapts accord‐
ing to the driving program, so that a direct,
sporty feel or a comfortable steering response
is conveyed.
Steering force setting options:
SPORT: high.
SPORT+: high.
Selecting a channel
The desired channel is selected using the Driv‐
ing Dynamics Control, refer to page
Driving Dynamics Control
The Driving Dynamics Control helps to fine-
tune the vehicle's settings and features. Vari‐
ous programs can be selected for this purpose.
The Driving Dynamics Control and the DSC
OFF buttons can each be used to activate a
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Driving stability control systems
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