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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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DSC will be switched on, if needed.
Switching off
Press button on the steering wheel.
If active: press twice.
If interrupted: press once.
The displays go out. The stored desired speed
is deleted.
Interrupting manually
When active, press the button on the
steering wheel.
Interrupting automatically
The system is automatically interrupted in the
following situations:
When the driver applies the brakes.
If the clutch pedal is depressed for a few
seconds or released while a gear is not en‐
If the gear engaged is too high for the cur‐
rent speed.
If MDM is activated or DSC is deactivated.
When DSC is actively controlling stability.
When SPORT+ is activated with Driving
Dynamics Control.
Setting the speed
Maintaining/storing the speed
Press the rocker switch while the system is in‐
When the system is switched on, the current
speed is maintained and stored as the desired
The stored speed is displayed in the speedom‐
eter and briefly in the instrument cluster, refer
to page
DSC will be switched on, if needed.
The speed can also be stored by pressing a
Press button.
Changing the speed
Press the rocker switch up or down repeatedly
until the desired speed is set.
If active, the displayed speed is stored and the
vehicle reaches the stored speed when the
road is clear.
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