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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Each time the rocker switch is pressed to
the point of resistance, the desired speed
increases or decreases by approx.
1 mph/1 km/h.
Each time the rocker switch is pressed
past the point of resistance, the desired
speed increases or decreases by a maxi‐
mum of 5 mph/10 km/h.
The maximum speed that can be set de‐
pends on the vehicle.
Pressing the rocker switch to the resist‐
ance point and holding it accelerates or de‐
celerates the vehicle without requiring
pressure on the accelerator pedal.
After the rocker switch is released, the ve‐
hicle maintains its final speed. Pressing the
switch beyond the resistance point causes
the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly.
Continuing cruise control
General information
An interrupted cruise control can be continued
by calling up the stored speed.
Make sure that the difference between current
speed and stored speed is not too large before
calling up the stored speed. Otherwise, unin‐
tentional braking or accelerating may occur.
In the following cases, the stored speed value
is deleted and cannot be called up again:
When the system is switched off.
When the ignition is switched off.
Calling up stored speed
Press button on the steering wheel.
The stored speed is reached again and main‐
Displays in the instrument cluster
Indicator lamp
Depending on how the vehicle is equip‐
ped, the indicator lamp in the instru‐
ment cluster indicates whether the sys‐
tem is switched on.
Desired speed and stored speed
Marking lights up green:
system is active, the mark‐
ing indicates the desired
Marking lights up orange:
system is interrupted, the
marking indicates the stored
The marking does not light up: the system
is switched off.
Brief status display
Selected desired speed.
If no speed is indicated, it is possible that the
conditions necessary for operation are not cur‐
rently fulfilled.
System limits
Engine power
The desired speed is also maintained downhill,
but may not be maintained on uphill grades if
engine power is insufficient.
PDC Park Distance Control
PDC is a support when parking. When you
slowly approach an object in the rear, then the
object is reported through:
Signal tones.
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Driving comfort
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