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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Visual display.
General information
The ultrasound sensors for measuring the dis‐
tances are located in the rear bumper.
The maneuvering range, depending on the ob‐
stacle and environmental conditions, is approx.
6 ft/2 m.
An acoustic warning is first given in the follow‐
ing situations:
By the two rear corner sensors at ap‐
prox. 24 in/60 cm from the object.
By the rear middle sensors at ap‐
prox. 5 ft/1.50 m from the object.
When a collision is imminent.
Safety information
The system does not release from the
personal responsibility to correctly assess the
traffic situation. Based on the limits of the sys‐
tem, it cannot independently react to all traffic
situations. There is a risk of an accident. Adjust
the driving style to the traffic conditions. Watch
traffic closely and actively intervene in the re‐
spective situations.◀
Due to high speeds when PDC is acti‐
vated, the warning can be delayed due to
physical circumstances. There is a risk of injury
or risk of property damage. Avoid approaching
an object too fast. Avoid driving off fast while
PDC is not yet active.◀
Ultrasound sensors
Ultrasound sensors of the PDC,
for instance in the bumpers.
Functional requirements
Ensure full functionality:
Do not cover sensors, for instance with
stickers, bicycle racks.
Keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.
Switching on/off
Switching on automatically
With the engine running, engage lever in posi‐
tion R.
The rearview camera also switches on.
Automatic deactivation during forward
The system switches off when a certain driving
distance or speed is exceeded.
Switch the system back on, if needed.
Signal tones
An intermittent tone indicates when the vehi‐
cle is approaching an object. E.g., if an object
is detected to the left rear of the vehicle, a sig‐
nal tone sounds from the left rear speaker.
The shorter the distance to the object, the
shorter the intervals.
If the distance to a detected object is less than
approx. 10 inches/25 cm, a continuous tone is
The ratio of the PDC signal tone volume to the
entertainment volume can be adjusted.
Using iDrive:
"Multimedia", "Radio" or "Settings"
"Volume settings"
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