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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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LED off: outside air flows in continuously.
LED on, recirculated-air mode: the supply
of outside air into the vehicle is perma‐
nently blocked.
To prevent window fogging, recirculated-air
mode switches off automatically after a certain
amount of time, depending on the environ‐
mental conditions.
With constant recirculated-air mode, the air
quality in the car's interior deteriorates and the
fogging of the windows increases.
If the windows fog over, switch off recircu‐
lated-air mode and increase the air flow, if
Controlling the air flow manually
The air flow for climate control can be adjusted
Press the left or right side of the but‐
ton: decrease or increase air flow.
The air flow from the air conditioner may be re‐
duced automatically to save battery power.
Controlling the air distribution
The air distribution for climate control can be
adjusted manually.
Turn the wheel to select the de‐
sired program or the desired in‐
termediate setting.
Upper body region.
Windows, upper body region, and floor
Floor area.
Defrosting windows and removing
Make the following settings to defrost the win‐
dows and remove condensation:
Direct the air distribution onto the win‐
Increasing the air flow.
Increase the temperature.
Switch on the air conditioning if needed.
Rear window defroster
Press button. The LED lights up.
The rear window defroster switches
off automatically after a certain period of time.
In external and recirculated-air mode the mi‐
crofilter filters dust and pollen from the air.
Have this filter changed during vehicle mainte‐
nance, refer to page
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Climate control
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