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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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sary by using the maximum cooling or heating
power, and then keeps it constant.
Turn the ring to set the desired
The automatic climate control reaches this
temperature as quickly as possible, if needed,
by increasing the cooling or heating output,
and then keeps it constant.
Do not rapidly switch between different tem‐
perature settings. Otherwise, the automatic cli‐
mate control will not have sufficient time to ad‐
just the set temperature.
Air conditioning
The air in the car's interior will be cooled and
dehumidified and, depending on the tempera‐
ture setting, warmed again.
The car's interior can only be cooled with the
engine running.
Switching on/off
Press button.
Air conditioning is switched on or off.
Depending on the weather, the windshield and
side windows may fog up briefly when the en‐
gine is started.
The air conditioning is switched on automati‐
cally with the AUTO program.
When using the automatic climate control,
condensation water, refer to page
160, devel‐
ops and drains underneath the vehicle. This is
Maximum cooling
The system is set to the lowest temperature,
optimum air flow and recirculated-air mode.
General information
The function is available above an external
temperature of approx. 32 °F/0 °C And with the
engine running.
Switching on/off
Press button.
Air flows out of the vents to the upper body re‐
gion. The vents need to be open for this.
The air flow can be adjusted with the air flow
AUTO program
Air flow, air distribution and temperature are
controlled automatically.
Switching on/off
Press button.
Depending on the selected tempera‐
ture, the intensity of the AUTO program, and
outside influences, the air is directed to the
windshield, side windows, upper body, and
into the floor area.
The air conditioning, refer to page
136, is
switched on automatically with the AUTO pro‐
At the same time, a condensation sensor con‐
trols the program so as to prevent window
condensation as much as possible.
In the AUTO program, the air flow may be re‐
duced during a phone call on the hands-free
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