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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Likewise, press and hold the button of the
desired function on the hand-held trans‐
Release both buttons as soon as the inte‐
rior mirror LED flashes more rapidly. The
LED flashing faster indicates that the but‐
ton on the interior mirror has been pro‐
grammed. The system can then be con‐
trolled by the button on the interior mirror.
If the LED does not flash faster after at
most 60 seconds, change the distance and
repeat the programming starting with
step 4. Several more attempts at different
distances may be necessary. Wait at least
15 seconds between attempts.
Canada: if programming with the hand-
held transmitter was interrupted, hold
down the interior mirror button and repeat‐
edly press and release the hand-held
transmitter button for 2 seconds.
Body parts can be jammed when operat‐
ing remote-controlled systems, e.g., the ga‐
rage door, using the integrated universal re‐
mote control. There is a risk of injury or risk of
property damage. Make sure that the area of
movement of the respective system is clear
during programming and operation. Also follow
the safety instructions of the hand-held trans‐
The system, such as the garage door, can be
operated using the button on the interior mirror
while the engine is running or when the ignition
is started. To do this, hold down the button
within receiving range of the system until the
function is activated. The interior mirror LED
stays lit while the wireless signal is being
Deleting stored functions
All stored functions will be deleted. The func‐
tions cannot be deleted individually. Press and
hold the two outer buttons on the interior mir‐
ror simultaneously for approximately 20 sec‐
onds until the LED on the interior mirror
flashes rapidly.
Digital compass
Control button
Mirror display
Mirror display
The point of the compass is displayed in the
mirror when driving straight.
Operating concept
Various functions can be called up by pressing
the control button with a pointed object, such
as the tip of a ballpoint pen or similar object.
The following setting options are displayed in
succession, depending on how long the con‐
trol button is pressed:
Pressed briefly: turns display on/off.
3 to 6 seconds: compass zone setting.
6 to 9 seconds: compass calibration.
9 to 12 seconds: left/right-hand steering
12 to 15 seconds: language setting.
Setting the compass zones
Sets the particular compass zones on the vehi‐
cle so that the compass operates correctly; re‐
fer to World map with compass zones.
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