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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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World map with magnetic zones
Press and hold the control button for ap‐
prox. 3 to 4 seconds. The number of the
set compass zone appears in the mirror.
To change the zone setting, press the con‐
trol button quickly and repeatedly until the
number of the compass zone that corre‐
sponds with your location appears in the
The set zone is stored automatically. The com‐
pass is ready for use again after approximately
10 seconds.
Calibrating the digital compass
The digital compass must be calibrated in the
event of the following:
The wrong compass point is displayed.
The point of the compass displayed does
not change despite changing the direction
of travel.
Not all points of the compass are dis‐
Make sure that there are no large metallic
objects or overhead power lines near the
vehicle and that there is sufficient room to
drive around in a circle.
Set the currently applicable compass zone.
Press and hold the control button for ap‐
prox. 6 to 7 seconds so that "C" appears
on the display. Next, drive in a complete
circle at least once at a speed of no more
than 4 mph/7 km/h. If calibration is suc‐
cessful, the "C" is replaced by the points of
the compass.
Left/right-hand steering
The digital compass is already set for right or
left-hand steering at the factory.
Setting the language
Press and hold the control button for approx.
12 to 13 seconds. Briefly press the control
button again to switch between English "E"
and German "O".
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