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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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USB interface in the center console
In addition to the USB storage devices descri‐
bed above, additional mobile devices with USB
port can be connected to the USB interface in
the center console.
Mobile phones supported by the USB in‐
The snap-in adapter features a separate
USB port that is automatically connected
when a compatible mobile phone is in‐
Audio devices with USB port, for example
MP3 player.
This allows further uses:
Playing music files via USB audio.
Playing video films via USB video.
Information about compatible USB devices can
be found at
The USB interface and the AUX-IN port are lo‐
cated in the center armrest.
The USB interface is located in the glove com‐
Connecting an external device
Observe the following when connecting:
Do not use force when plugging the con‐
nector into the USB interface.
Use a flexible adapter cable.
Protect the USB storage device against
mechanical damage.
Due to the large number of USB media
available on the market, it cannot be guar‐
anteed that every device is operable on the
Do not expose USB media to extreme envi‐
ronmental conditions, such as very high
temperatures; refer to the owner's manual
of the device.
Due to the many different compression
techniques, proper playback of the media
stored on the USB storage device cannot
be guaranteed in all cases.
A connected USB storage device will be
supplied with charging current via the USB
interface if the device supports this. At
higher temperatures, the USB storage de‐
vice may cause a reduction in the charging
To ensure proper transmission of the
stored data, do not charge a USB storage
device via the onboard socket, when it is
connected to the USB interface.
Depending on how the USB storage device
is being used, settings may be required on
the USB storage device, refer to the own‐
er's manual of the device.
Non-compatible USB media:
USB hard drives.
USB hubs.
USB memory card readers with multiple in‐
HFS-formatted USB media.
MTP devices.
Devices such as fans or lamps.
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