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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The light in the glove compartment switches
Fold cover closed.
The glove compartment can be locked with an
integrated key to separately secure the tail‐
gate, refer to page
41, e.g.
This prevents access to the glove compart‐
ment and to the cargo area.
After the glove compartment is locked, the re‐
mote control can be handed over, such as at a
hotel, without the integrated key.
Driver's side
Safety information
Folded open, the glove compartment
protrudes in the vehicle's interior. Objects in
the glove compartment can be thrown into the
vehicle's interior while driving, e.g., in the event
of an accident or during braking and evasive
maneuvers. There is a risk of injury. Always
close the glove compartment immediately after
using it.◀
Pull the handle.
Fold cover closed.
Compartments in the doors
Breakable objects, e.g., glass bottles, can
break in the event of an accident. Broken glass
can be scattered in the vehicle's interior. There
is a risk of injury. Do not stow any breakable
objects in the vehicle's interior.◀
Front storage compartment
A storage compartment is located in the center
armrest in front of the cup holders.
Center armrest
General information
A storage compartment is located in the center
armrest between the front seats.
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Storage compartments
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