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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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BMW M2 Technology
Vehicle features and options
This chapter describes all standard, country-
specific and optional features offered with the
series. It also describes features that are not
necessarily available in your vehicle, e. g., due
to the selected options or country versions.
This also applies to safety-related functions
and systems. When using these functions and
systems, the applicable laws and regulations
must be observed.
High-performance engine
General information
With a displacement of 3 liters, the high-per‐
formance engine generates a maximum power
of 365 hp and a maximum torque of
343 lb ft/465 Nm with Overboost
369 lb ft/500 Nm. With its spontaneous re‐
sponse behavior, a speed range of wide utility
results. The maximum engine speed is
7,000 rpm and is electronically controlled. Be‐
cause of the high engine dynamics, the maxi‐
mum engine speed with the vehicle stationary
is reduced.
During the engine warm-up phase, the high-
performance engine has a somewhat rougher
running behavior because of the emission con‐
When the engine is cold, the exhaust system
has a slightly metallic undertone due to the na‐
ture of the system.
Overboost temporarily increases the maximum
torque to 369 lb ft/500 Nm, for example when
For this purpose, fully depress the accelerator
Compound brake
The high-performance braking system has
perforated compound brake discs.
Because of particular structural characteristics,
there may be operation-related noises during
braking. However, this has no effect on per‐
formance, operational reliability and reliability
of the brake.
With this vehicle, particular value was placed
on the direct connection from engine to the
drivetrain. Due to the torsionally rigid design of
the drivetrain, as is typical in a sports car, the
transmission of the torque also gives acoustic
When there are load changes, this may result
in clicking noises. The do not cause any im‐
pairment of the operation or the service life of
the components.
Driving on racetracks
Higher mechanical and thermal loads during
racetrack operation lead to increased wear.
This wear is not covered by the warranty. The
vehicle is not designed for use in motor sports
The standard brake linings and the wear indi‐
cators are not designed for racetrack opera‐
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Driving tips
BMW M2 Technology
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