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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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The maximum load is the sum of the weight of
the occupants and the cargo.
The greater the weight of the occupants, the
less cargo that can be transported.
Stowing and securing cargo
Cover sharp edges and corners on the
Heavy cargo: stow as far forward as possi‐
ble, directly behind and at the bottom of
the rear passenger seat backrests.
Very heavy cargo: when the rear seat is not
occupied, secure each of the outer safety
belts in the opposite buckle.
If necessary, fold down the rear backrests
to stow cargo.
Do not stack cargo above the top edge of
the backrests.
Smaller and lighter cargo: secure with
ratchet straps, the floor net, or draw straps.
Larger and heavy cargo: secure with cargo
Lashing eyes in the cargo
To secure the cargo there are two or four lash‐
ing eyes in the cargo area.
Attach load securing aids, such as lashing
straps, retaining straps, draw straps or cargo
nets, to the lashing eyes in the cargo area.
Floor net
To secure the cargo the floor net can also be
Hook the floor net into the fittings in the cargo
area floor.
Roof-mounted luggage rack
General information
Roof racks are available as special accessories.
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