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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Safety information
When driving with roof load, e.g., with
roof-mounted luggage rack, driving safety may
not be ensured in driving-critical situations due
to the elevated center of gravity. There is a risk
of accidents or risk of property damage. Do not
deactivate Dynamic Stability Control DSC
when driving with roof load.◀
Follow the installation instructions of the roof
Roof drip rail with flaps
The fixing points are located in the roof drip rail
above the doors.
Fold the cover outward.
Because roof-mounted luggage racks raise the
vehicle's center of gravity when loaded, they
have a major effect on vehicle handling and
steering response.
Therefore, note the following when loading
and driving:
Do not exceed the approved roof/axle
loads and the approved gross vehicle
Be sure that adequate clearance is main‐
tained for tilting and opening the glass
Distribute the roof load uniformly.
The roof load should not extend past the
loading area.
Always place the heaviest pieces on the
Secure the roof luggage firmly, e.g., using
ratchet straps.
Do not let objects project into the opening
path of the tailgate.
Drive cautiously and avoid sudden acceler‐
ation and braking maneuvers. Take corners
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