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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Avoid high engine speeds
As a rule: driving at low engine speeds lowers
fuel consumption and reduces wear.
Use 1st gear to get the vehicle moving. Start‐
ing with the 2nd gear, accelerate rapidly. When
accelerating, shift up before reaching high en‐
gine speeds.
When you reach the desired speed, shift into
the highest applicable gear and drive with low
engine speed and at a constant speed.
If necessary, observe the vehicle's gear shift
indicator, refer to page
Use coasting
When approaching a red light, take your foot
off the accelerator and let the vehicle coast to
a halt.
For going downhill take your foot off the accel‐
erator and let the vehicle roll.
The flow of fuel is interrupted while coasting.
Switch off the engine during
longer stops
Switching off the engine
Switch off the engine during longer stops, for
instance at traffic lights, railroad crossings or in
traffic congestion.
Auto Start/Stop function
The Auto Start/Stop function of the vehicle au‐
tomatically switches off the engine during a
If the engine is switched off and then restarted
rather than leaving the engine running con‐
stantly, fuel consumption and emissions are
reduced. Savings can begin within a few sec‐
onds of switching off the engine.
In addition, fuel consumption is also deter‐
mined by other factors, such as driving style,
road conditions, maintenance or environmental
Switch off any functions that
are not currently needed
Functions such as seat heating and the rear
window defroster require a lot of energy and
reduce the range, especially in city and stop-
and-go traffic.
Switch off these functions if they are not
Have maintenance carried
Have the vehicle maintained regularly to ach‐
ieve optimal vehicle efficiency and service life.
BMW recommends that maintenance work be
performed by a BMW dealer’s service center.
For information on the BMW Maintenance
System, refer to page
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Driving tips
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