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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Wheels and tires
Vehicle features and options
This chapter describes all standard, country-
specific and optional features offered with the
series. It also describes features that are not
necessarily available in your vehicle, e. g., due
to the selected options or country versions.
This also applies to safety-related functions
and systems. When using these functions and
systems, the applicable laws and regulations
must be observed.
Tire inflation pressure
General information
The tire characteristics and tire inflation pres‐
sure influence the following:
The service life of the tires.
Road safety.
Driving comfort.
Safety information
A tire with low or missing tire inflation
pressure impacts handling, such as steering
and braking response. There is a risk of an ac‐
cident. Regularly check the tire inflation pres‐
sure, and correct it as needed, e.g., twice a
month and before a long trip.◀
Checking the tire inflation pressure
Only check the tire inflation pressure when the
tires are cold, i.e., after driving no more than
1.25 miles/2 km or when the vehicle has been
parked for at least 2 hours.
Tires heat up while driving, and the tire infla‐
tion pressure increases along with the tire's
temperature. The tire inflation pressure speci‐
fications relate to cold tires or tires at ambient
The displays of inflation devices may under-
read by up to 0.1 bar/2 psi.
Tires have a natural, consistent loss of tire in‐
flation pressure.
For Flat Tire Monitor: after correcting the tire
inflation pressure, reinitialize the Flat Tire
For Tire Pressure Monitor: perform a reset of
the Tire Pressure Monitor after adjusting tire
pressure to a new value.
Tire inflation pressure specifications
The tire inflation pressure table, refer to
page 173, contains all tire inflation pressure
specifications for the specified tire sizes at the
ambient temperature. The tire inflation pres‐
sure values apply to tire sizes approved by the
manufacturer of the vehicle for the vehicle
To identify the correct tire inflation pressure,
please note the following:
Tire sizes of your vehicle.
Maximum permitted driving speed.
Tire inflation pressures up to
100 mph/160 km/h
For speeds of up to 100 mph/160 km/h and for
optimum driving comfort, note the pressure
values in the tire inflation pressure table, refer
to page
173, and adjust as necessary.
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Wheels and tires
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