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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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sudden tire failure. The grade C corresponds
to a level of performance which all passenger
vehicle tires must meet under the Federal Mo‐
tor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 109. Grades
Band A represent higher levels of performance
on the laboratory test wheel than the minimum
required by law.
The temperature grade for this tire is es‐
tablished for a tire that is properly inflated and
not overloaded. Excessive speed, underinfla‐
tion, or excessive loading, either separately or
in combination, can cause heat buildup and
possible tire failure.◀
Winter and all-season tires with better cold
weather performance than summer tires.
Tire tread
Summer tires
Do not drive with a tire tread depth of less than
0.12 inches/3 mm.
There is an increased risk of hydroplaning if
the tire tread depth is less than 0.12 in‐
ches/3 mm.
Winter tires
Do not drive with a tire tread depth of less than
0.16 inches/4 mm.
Below a tread depth of 0.16 inches/4 mm, tires
are less suitable for winter operation.
Minimum tread depth
Wear indicators are distributed around the
tire's circumference and have the legally re‐
quired minimum height of 0.063 in‐
ches/1.6 mm.
The wear indicators are marked on the tire
sidewall with TWI, Tread Wear Indicator.
Tire damage
General information
Inspect your tires regularly for damage, foreign
objects lodged in the tread, and tread wear.
Driving over rough or damaged road surfaces,
as well as debris, curbs and other obstacles
can cause serious damage to wheels, tires and
suspension parts. This is more likely to occur
with low-profile tires, which provide less cush‐
ioning between the wheel and the road. Be
careful to avoid road hazards and reduce your
speed, especially if your vehicle is equipped
with low-profile tires.
Indications of tire damage or other vehicle mal‐
Unusual vibrations while driving.
Unusual handling such as a strong ten‐
dency to pull to the left or right.
Damage can, e.g., be caused by driving over
curbs, road damage, or similar things.
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