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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Retreaded tires
The manufacturer of your vehicle does not rec‐
ommend the use of retreaded tires.
Retreaded tires can have different tire
casing structures. With advanced age the serv‐
ice life can be limited. There is a risk of an acci‐
dent. The manufacturer of your vehicle does
not recommend the use of retreaded tires.◀
Winter tires
Winter tires are recommended for operating on
winter roads.
Although so-called all-season M+S tires pro‐
vide better winter traction than summer tires,
they do not provide the same level of perform‐
ance as winter tires.
Maximum speed of winter tires
If the maximum speed of the vehicle is higher
than the permissible speed for the winter tires,
then attach a corresponding information label/
sticker in the field of view. The label is available
from a dealer’s service center or another quali‐
fied service center or repair shop.
With mounted winter tires, observe and adhere
to the permissible maximum speed.
Rotating wheels between axles
The manufacturer of your vehicle advises
against switching wheels between the front
and rear axles. This can impair the handling
Rotating the tires between the axes is not per‐
missible on vehicles with different tire sizes or
rim sizes on the front and rear axles.
Store wheels and tires in a cool, dry and dark
Always protect tires against all contact with oil,
grease and fuels.
Do not exceed the maximum tire inflation pres‐
sure indicated on the side wall of the tire.
Repairing a flat tire
Safety measures
Park the vehicle as far away as possible
from passing traffic and on solid ground.
Switch on the hazard warning system.
Secure the vehicle against rolling away by
setting the parking brake.
Have all vehicle occupants get out of the
vehicle and ensure that they remain out‐
side the immediate area in a safe place,
such as behind a guardrail.
If necessary, set up a warning triangle or
portable hazard warning light at a sufficient
Change wheels only on a flat, solid and
slip-resistant surface. On soft or slippery
ground, for example snow, ice, tiles, etc.,
the vehicle or the vehicle jack may slip
away sideways.
Do not place wood blocks or similar items
under the vehicle jack; otherwise, it cannot
reach its carrying capacity because of the
restricted height.
If the vehicle is raised, do not lie under the
vehicle and do not start the engine, or else
there is a danger to life.
Mobility System
With the Mobility System, minor tire damage
can be sealed temporarily to enable continued
travel. To accomplish this, sealant is pumped
into the tires, which seals the damage from the
The compressor can be used to check the tire
inflation pressure.
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