BMW M2 2017 Owner's Manual – Page 179

Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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Screw the connection hose onto the con‐
nector of the sealant container.
Insert the sealant container on the com‐
pressor housing in an upright position.
Screw the filling hose of the sealant con‐
tainer onto the tire valve of the nonworking
With the compressor switched off, insert
the plug into the power socket inside the
With the ignition switched on or the engine
running, switch on the compressor.
If the exhaust pipe is blocked or ventila‐
tion is insufficient, harmful exhaust gases can
enter into the vehicle. The exhaust gases con‐
tain pollutants which are colorless and odor‐
less. In enclosed areas, exhaust gases can also
accumulate outside of the vehicle. There is
danger to life. Keep the exhaust pipe free and
ensure sufficient ventilation.◀
The compressor can overheat during ex‐
tended operation. There is a risk of property
damage. Do not run the compressor for more
than 10 min.◀
Let the compressor run for approx. 3 to 8 mi‐
nutes to fill the tire with sealant and achieve a
tire inflation pressure of approx. 2.5 bar.
While the tire is being filled with sealant, the
tire inflation pressure may sporadically reach
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