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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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raised, do not exert lateral forces on the vehicle
or pull abruptly on the vehicle. Have a stuck
wheel removed by a dealer’s service center or
another qualified service center or repair
Securing the vehicle against rolling
General information
The vehicle manufacturer recommends to ad‐
ditionally secure the vehicle against rolling
away when changing a wheel.
On a level surface
Place chocks or other suitable objects, for ex‐
ample a rock, in front of and behind the wheel
that is diagonally opposite to the wheel that
you wish to change.
On a slight downhill gradient
If you need to change a wheel on a slight
downhill grade, place chocks and other suita‐
ble objects, for instance a rock, under the
wheels of both the front and rear axles against
the rolling direction.
Preparing the vehicle
Change the wheel as far away as possible
from passing traffic.
Park the vehicle on solid, non-slip and level
Switch on the hazard warning system.
Set the parking brake.
Engage a gear or selector lever position P.
As soon as permitted by the traffic flow,
have all vehicle occupants get out of the
vehicle and ensure that they remain out‐
side the immediate area in a safe place,
such as behind a guardrail.
Depending on the equipment version, get
tools and the emergency wheel from the
If necessary, set up a warning triangle or
portable hazard warning lamp at an appro‐
priate distance.
Do not place wood blocks or similar items
under the vehicle jack; otherwise, it cannot
reach its carrying capacity because of the
restricted height.
Secure the vehicle additionally against roll‐
Loosen the lug bolts a half turn.
Jacking points for the vehicle jack
The jacking points for the vehicle jack are lo‐
cated at the indicated positions.
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