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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The engine compartment accommo‐
dates moving components. Certain compo‐
nents in the engine compartment can also
move with the vehicle switched off, for in‐
stance the radiator fan. There is a risk of injury.
Do not reach into the area of moving parts.
Keep articles of clothing and hair away from
moving parts.◀
There are protruding parts, for instance
locking hook, on the inside of the hood. There
is a risk of injury. If the hood is open, pay atten‐
tion to protruding parts and keep clear of these
An incorrectly locked hood can open
while driving and restrict visibility. There is a
risk of an accident. Stop immediately and cor‐
rectly close the hood.◀
Body parts can be jammed when open‐
ing and closing the hood. There is a risk of in‐
jury. Make sure that the area of movement of
the hood is clear during opening and closing.◀
Folded-away wipers can be jammed
when the hood is opened. There is a risk of
property damage. Make sure that the wipers
with the wiper blades mounted are folded
down onto the windshield before opening the
Opening the hood
Pull lever, arrow 1.
Hood is unlocked.
After the lever is released, pull the lever
again, arrow 2.
Hood can be opened.
Indicator/warning lights
When the hood is unlocked, a Check Control
message is displayed.
Closing the hood
Let the hood drop from a height of approx.
16 inches/40 cm and push down on it to lock it
The hood must engage on both sides.
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