BMW M2 2017 Owner's Manual – Page 200

Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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Safety information
Battery chargers for the vehicle battery
can work with high voltages and currents,
which means that the 12 volt on-board net‐
work can be overloaded or damaged. There is
a risk of property damage. Only connect bat‐
tery chargers for the vehicle battery to the
starting aid terminals in the engine compart‐
Starting aid terminals
In the vehicle, only charge the battery via the
starting aid terminals, refer to page
204, in the
engine compartment with the engine off.
Power failure
After a power loss, some equipment needs to
be newly initialized or individual settings up‐
dated, for example:
Seat and mirror memory: store the posi‐
tions again.
Time: update.
Date: update.
Glass sunroof and sliding visor: initialize
the system.
Disposing of old batteries
Have old batteries disposed of by a
dealer’s service center or another
qualified service center or repair shop
or take them to a collection point.
Maintain the battery in an upright position for
transport and storage. Secure the battery so
that it does not tip over during transport.
Safety information
Incorrect and repaired fuses can overload
electrical lines and components. There is a risk
of fire. Never attempt to repair a blown fuse.
Do not replace a nonworking fuse with a sub‐
stitute of another color or amperage rating.◀
Replacing a fuse
The fuses are located in two different places in
the vehicle.
Plastic tweezers and information on the fuse
types and locations are stored in the fuse box
in the cargo area.
In the engine compartment
General information
On right-hand drive vehicles, the fuses are lo‐
cated on the opposite side of the engine com‐
Removing the cover
Use the onboard vehicle tool kit to loosen
the three cover screws, arrow 1.
Squeeze and raise the holder, arrow 2.
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Replacing components
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