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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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The LED flashes green when a connection
to the BMW Response Center has been
The BMW Response Center then makes
contact with you and takes further steps to
help you.
Even if you are unable to respond, the
BMW Response Center can take further
steps to help you under certain circum‐
For this, data is transmitted to the BMW
Response Center which serves to deter‐
mine the necessary rescue measures. E.g.,
the current position of the vehicle, if it can
be established.
Even if you can no longer hear the BMW
Response Center through the loudspeak‐
ers, the BMW Response Center may still
be able to hear you.
The BMW Response Center ends the Emer‐
gency Request.
Roadside Assistance
Service availability
Roadside Assistance can be reached around
the clock in many countries. You can obtain as‐
sistance there in the event of a vehicle break‐
Roadside Assistance
The Roadside Assistance phone number can
be viewed via iDrive or a connection to Road‐
side Assistance can be established directly.
Warning triangle
The warning triangle is located on the inside of
the tailgate.
To remove, loosen the bracket.
First-aid kit
General information
Some of the articles have a limited service life.
Check the expiration dates of the contents
regularly and replace any expired items
The first-aid kit is located in the cargo area in
the storage compartment.
General information
If the battery is discharged, the engine can be
started using the battery of another vehicle
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