BMW M2 2017 Owner's Manual – Page 205

Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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Starting the engine
Never use spray fluids to start the engine.
Start the engine of the assisting vehicle
and let it run for several minutes at an in‐
creased idle speed.
Start the engine of the vehicle that is to be
started in the usual way.
If the first starting attempt is not success‐
ful, wait a few minutes before making an‐
other attempt in order to allow the dis‐
charged battery to recharge.
Let both engines run for several minutes.
Disconnect the jumper cables in the re‐
verse order.
Check the battery and recharge, if needed.
Tow-starting and towing
Safety information
Due to system limits, individual functions
can malfunction during tow-starting/towing
with the Intelligent Safety systems activated,
for instance approach control warning with
braking function. There is a risk of an accident.
Switch all Intelligent Safety systems off prior to
Manual transmission
Gearshift lever in neutral position.
Information the following instructions:
Make sure that the ignition is switched on;
otherwise, the low beams, tail lamps, turn
signals, and wipers may be unavailable.
Do not tow the vehicle with the rear axle
tilted, as the front wheels could turn.
When the engine is stopped, there is no
power assist. Consequently, more force
needs to be applied when braking and
Larger steering wheel movements are re‐
The towing vehicle must not be lighter
than the vehicle being towed; otherwise,
it will not be possible to control the vehi‐
cle's response.
Do not exceed a towing speed of
30 mph/50 km/h.
Do not exceed a towing distance of
30 miles/50 km.
Tow truck
With rear-wheel drive
Your vehicle should be transported with a tow
truck with a so-called lift bar or on a flat bed.
The vehicle can become damaged when
lifting and securing it.
There is a risk of damage to property.
Lift the vehicle using suitable means.
Do not lift or secure the vehicle by its tow
fitting, body parts, or suspension parts.◀
M double-clutch transmission:
transporting the vehicle
General information
The vehicle is not permitted to be towed.
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