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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Unauthorized opening of a door, the hood
or the tailgate.
Movements in the car's interior.
Changes in the vehicle tilt, e. g., during at‐
tempts at stealing a wheel or when towing
the vehicle.
Disconnected battery voltage.
The alarm system signals these changes visu‐
ally and acoustically:
Acoustic alarm.
Depending on local regulations, the acous‐
tic alarm may be suppressed.
By switching on the hazard warning sys‐
By flashing the daytime running lights.
Switching on and off
When you lock and unlock the vehicle with the
remote control or with Comfort Access, the
alarm system is switched on and off at the
same time.
Opening the doors with the alarm
system switched on
The alarm system is triggered when a door is
opened if the door was unlocked using the
integrated key in the door lock.
Switching off the alarm, refer to page
Opening the tailgate with the alarm
system switched on
The tailgate can be opened even when the
alarm system is switched on.
After the tailgate is closed, it is locked and
monitored again provided the doors are
locked. The hazard warning system flashes
Panic mode
You can trigger the alarm system if you find
yourself in a dangerous situation.
Press button on the remote con‐
trol and hold for at least 3 sec‐
Briefly press the button on the remote con‐
trol three times in succession.
To switch off the alarm: press any button.
Indicator light on the interior mirror
The indicator light flashes briefly every
2 seconds:
The alarm system is switched on.
Indicator light flashes for approx. 10 sec‐
onds, then it flashes briefly every 2 sec‐
Interior motion sensor and tilt alarm sensor
are not active, as doors, hood, or tailgate
are not correctly closed. Correctly closed
access points are secured.
When the still open access points are
closed, interior motion sensor and tilt alarm
sensor will be switched on.
The indicator light goes out after unlock‐
The vehicle has not been tampered with.
The indicator light flashes after unlocking
until the engine ignition is switched on, but
no longer than approx. 5 minutes:
An alarm has been triggered.
Tilt alarm sensor
The tilt of the vehicle is monitored.
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