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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The alarm system responds in situations such
as attempts to steal a wheel or when the vehi‐
cle is towed.
Interior motion sensor
The windows and the glass sunroof must be
closed for the system to function properly.
Avoiding unintentional alarms
General information
The tilt alarm sensor and interior motion sen‐
sor can trigger an alarm, although no unauthor‐
ized action occurred.
Possible situations for an unwanted alarm:
In automatic vehicle washes.
In duplex garages.
During transport on trains carrying vehi‐
cles, at sea or on a trailer.
With animals in the vehicle.
The tilt alarm sensor and the interior motion
sensor can be switched off in such situations.
Switching off the tilt alarm sensor and
interior motion sensor
Press the remote control button again
within 10 seconds as soon as the vehicle
is locked.
The indicator lamp lights up for approx. 2 sec‐
onds and then continues to flash.
The tilt alarm sensor and interior motion sen‐
sor are turned off until the vehicle is locked
Switching off the alarm
Unlock the vehicle with the remote control
or switch on the ignition, if needed through
emergency detection of remote control, re‐
fer to page
With Comfort Access:
If you are carrying the remote control on
your person, grasp the door handle on the
driver's or front passenger door com‐
Power windows
Safety information
When operating the windows, body parts
and objects can be jammed. There is a risk of
injury or risk of property damage. Make sure
that the area of movement of the windows is
clear during opening and closing.◀
Unattended children or animals can
cause the vehicle to move and endanger them‐
selves and traffic, e.g., due to the following ac‐
Pressing the Start/Stop button.
Releasing the parking brake.
Opening and closing the doors or win‐
Engaging selector lever position N.
Using vehicle equipment.
There is a risk of accidents or injuries. Do not
leave children or animals unattended in the ve‐
hicle. Take the remote control with you when
exiting and lock the vehicle.◀
Power windows
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