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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The glass sunroof closes with limited jam
protection. If the closing force exceeds a
specific threshold, closing is interrupted.
Push the switch forward again past the re‐
sistance point and hold until the glass sun‐
roof closes without jam protection. Make
sure that the closing area is clear.
Closing from the raised position
without jam protection
If there is an external danger,
push the switch forward past the
resistance point and hold it.
The glass sunroof closes with‐
out jam protection.
Initializing after a power interruption
General information
After a power failure during the opening or
closing process, the glass sunroof can only be
operated to a limited extent.
The system can be initialized under the follow‐
ing conditions.
The vehicle is parked in a horizontal posi‐
The engine is running.
The external temperature is above
41 °F/5 °C.
During initialization, the glass sunroof closes
without jam protection .
Make sure that the closing area is clear.
Initializing the system
Press the switch up and hold it
until the initialization is com‐
Initialization begins within
15 seconds and is completed
when the glass sunroof is completely closed.
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