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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The safety belts or safety belt buckles are
damaged, soiled, or changed in any other
Belt tensioners or belt retractors were
Safety belts can be imperceptibly damaged in
the event of an accident. There is a risk of inju‐
ries or danger to life. Do not modify safety
belts, safety belt buckles, belt tensioners, belt
retractors or belt anchors and keep them
clean. Have the safety belts checked after an
accident at the dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair shop.◀
Correct use of safety belts
Wear the safety belt twist-free and tight to
your body over your lap and shoulders.
Wear the safety belt deep on your hips
over your lap. The safety belt may not
press on your stomach.
Do not rub the safety belt against sharp
edges, or guide it or jam it in across hard or
fragile objects.
Avoid thick clothing.
Re-tighten the safety belt frequently up‐
ward around your upper body.
Buckling the safety belt
Slowly guide the safety belt out of the
holder when fastening it.
Insert the tongue plate into the safety belt
buckle. The safety belt buckle must en‐
gage audibly.
Unbuckling the safety belt
Hold the safety belt firmly.
Press the red button in the belt buckle.
Guide the safety belt back into its roll-up
Safety belt reminder for driver's and
passenger's seat
The indicator light lights up and a sig‐
nal sounds. Make sure that the safety
belts are positioned correctly. The
safety belt reminder is active at speeds above
approx. 6 mph/10 km/h. The safety belt re‐
minder can also be activated if objects are
placed on the front passenger seat.
Front head restraints
Safety information
A missing protective effect due to re‐
moved or not correctly adjusted head re‐
straints can cause injuries in the head and
neck area. There is a risk of injury.
Before driving, install the removed head re‐
straints on the occupied seats.
Adjust the head restraint so its center sup‐
ports the back of the head at as close to
eye level as possible.
Adjust the distance so that the head re‐
straint is as close as possible to the back of
the head. If necessary, adjust the distance
by adjusting the tilt of the backrest.◀
Body parts can be jammed when moving
the head restraint. There is a risk of injury.
Make sure that the area of movement is clear
when moving the head restraint.◀
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