BMW M2 2017 Owner's Manual – Page 57

Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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To lower: press the button, arrow 1, and
push the head restraint down.
To raise: push the head restraint up.
Folding down the head restraint
Only fold the head restraint back if no one will
be sitting in the seat in question.
To the back: press the button, arrow 1, and
fold the head restraint back, arrow 2.
To the front: fold head restraint forward un‐
til the head restraint engages.
Only remove the head restraint if no one will be
sitting in the seat in question.
Raise the head restraint up against the re‐
Press the button, arrow 1, and pull the
head restraint out completely.
Memory function
The following settings can be stored and, if
necessary, retrieved using the memory func‐
Seat position.
Exterior mirror position.
General information
Two memory locations with different settings
can be set for each driver profile, refer to
page 41.
Depending on the vehicle equipment, the fol‐
lowing settings are not stored:
Backrest width.
Lumbar support.
Safety information
Using the memory function while driving
can lead to unexpected movements of the
seat. Vehicle control could be lost. There is a
risk of an accident. Only retrieve the memory
function when the vehicle is stationary.◀
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