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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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There is a risk of jamming when moving
the seats. There is a risk of injury or risk of
property damage. Make sure that the area of
movement of the seat is clear prior to any ad‐
Switch on the ignition.
Set the desired position.
Press button. The LED in the but‐
ton lights up.
Press selected button 1 or 2 while the LED
is lit. The LED goes out.
Button was pressed inadvertently:
Press button again.
The LED goes out.
Calling up settings
The stored position is called up automatically.
Press selected button 1 or 2.
The procedure stops when a switch for setting
the seat or one of the memory buttons is
While driving, the seat position adjustment on
the driver's side is interrupted after a short
Calling up of a seat position
After a brief period, calling up stored seat posi‐
tions is deactivated to save battery power.
To reactivate calling up of a seat position:
Open and close the door or tailgate.
Press a button on the remote control.
Press the Start/Stop button.
Exterior mirrors
General information
The mirror on the front passenger side is more
curved than the driver's side mirror.
The mirror setting is stored for the driver pro‐
file currently in use. When the vehicle is un‐
locked via the remote control, the position is
automatically retrieved if the function, refer to
page 44, is activated for this purpose.
The current exterior mirror position can be
stored using the memory function, refer to
page 57.
Safety information
Objects reflected in the mirror are closer
than they appear. The distance to the traffic
behind could be incorrectly estimated, for in‐
stance while changing lanes. There is a risk of
an accident. Estimate the distance to the traffic
behind by looking over your shoulder.◀
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