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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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M double-clutch transmission:
The selector lever is in selector lever posi‐
tion D.
The brake pedal remains depressed while
the vehicle is stopped.
The driver's safety belt is buckled or the
driver's door is closed.
Manual transmission:
Neutral is engaged and the clutch pedal is
not pressed.
The driver's safety belt is buckled or the
driver's door is closed.
The air flow from the air conditioner is reduced
when the engine is switched off.
Displays in the instrument cluster
The READY display in the tach‐
ometer signals that the Auto
Start/Stop function is ready to
start the engine automatically.
The display indicates that the
conditions for an automatic en‐
gine stop have not been met.
Functional limitations
The engine is not switched off automatically in
the following situations:
External temperature too low.
The external temperature is high and auto‐
matic climate control is running.
The car's interior has not yet been heated
or cooled to the required level.
The engine is not yet at operating temper‐
The wheels are at a sharp angle or the
steering wheel is being turned.
After driving in reverse.
Fogging of the windows when the auto‐
matic climate control is switched on.
Vehicle battery is heavily discharged.
At higher elevations.
The hood is unlocked.
Stop-and-go traffic.
Use of fuel with high ethanol content.
Starting the engine
The engine starts automatically under the fol‐
lowing conditions:
M double-clutch transmission: by releasing
the brake pedal.
Manual transmission: clutch pedal is
After the engine starts, accelerate as usual.
Safety mode
After the engine switches off automatically, it
will not start again automatically if any one of
the following conditions are met:
The driver's safety belt is unbuckled and
the driver's door is open.
The hood was unlocked.
Some indicator lights light up for a varied
length of time.
The engine can only be started via the Start/
Stop button.
Functional limitations
Even if driving off was not intended, the deacti‐
vated engine starts up automatically in the fol‐
lowing situations:
Excessive warming of the car's interior
when the air conditioning is switched on.
The steering wheel is turned.
Double-clutch transmission: change from
selector lever position D to N, R or D/S.
M double-clutch transmission: accelerat‐
ing while simultaneously applying the
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