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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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Switching off and brief wipe
Press the lever down.
To switch off from fast wiper speed: press
down twice.
To switch off from normal wiper speed:
press down once.
Brief wipe: press down once.
The lever automatically returns to its initial po‐
sition when released.
Interval mode or rain sensor
The rain sensor automatically controls the time
between wipes depending on the intensity of
the rainfall.
General information
The sensor is located on the windshield, di‐
rectly in front of the interior mirror. Without the
rain sensor, the frequency of the wiper opera‐
tion is preset.
Safety information
If the rain sensor is activated, the wipers
can accidentally start moving in vehicle
washes. There is a risk of property damage.
Deactivate the rain sensor in vehicle washes.◀
Press the button on the wiper lever.
Wiping is started.
If the vehicle is equipped with a rain sensor:
the LED in the wiper lever is illuminated.
If wipers are frozen to windshield, wiper opera‐
tion is deactivated.
During trip interruption with the rain sensor
switched on: if the trip is resumed within ap‐
prox. 15 minutes, the rain sensor is automati‐
cally activated again.
Setting the frequency or sensitivity of
the rain sensor
Turn the thumbwheel to adjust the frequency
or sensitivity of the rain sensor.
Up: short interval or high sensitivity of the rain
Down: long interval or low sensitivity of the rain
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