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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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The washer fluid reservoir is located in the en‐
gine compartment.
The use of undiluted windshield washer con‐
centrate or alcohol-based antifreeze can lead
to incorrect readings at temperatures below
+5 °F/-15 °C.
Manual transmission
Safety information
An unsecured vehicle can begin to move
and possibly roll away. There is a risk of an ac‐
cident. Before exiting, secure the vehicle
against rolling.
In order to ensure that the vehicle is secured
against rolling away, observe the following:
Set the parking brake.
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
turn the front wheels in the direction of the
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
also secure the vehicle, e.g., with a wheel
When shifting to a lower gear, excessive
speeds can damage the engine. There is a risk
of property damage. When shifting into 5th or
6th gear, press the gearshift lever to the
General information
Depending on the engine installation, the en‐
gine speed during a shifting operation is ad‐
justed automatically as required for harmo‐
nious and dynamic gear shifting.
Reverse gear
Select only when the vehicle is stationary.
To overcome the resistance push the gearshift
lever dynamically to the left and engage re‐
verse gear with a forward shifting movement.
M double-clutch
transmission with Drivelogic
General information
The M double-clutch transmission with Drive‐
logic is an automatic shift transmission with
two clutches and partial transmissions in which
the gears can be changed without interrupting
the tractive force.
The operation is via the selector lever or two
shift paddles on the steering wheel.
Drive mode or Sequential mode.
Various drive programs, Drivelogic.
Automatic downshifting and protection
from misshifting even in sequential mode.
Launch Control.
Low Speed Assistant.
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