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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
Category: Auto
Product: BMW M2 2017
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Safety information
An unsecured vehicle can begin to move
and possibly roll away. There is a risk of an ac‐
cident. Before exiting, secure the vehicle
against rolling.
In order to ensure that the vehicle is secured
against rolling away, observe the following:
Set the parking brake.
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
turn the front wheels in the direction of the
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
also secure the vehicle, e.g., with a wheel
Selector lever, selector lever positions
R: reverse gear.
N: neutral.
Center position, forward position.
+: manual upshifting.
-: manual downshifting.
D/S: switch between drive mode and se‐
quential mode.
Engaging a selector lever position
Press on the brake pedal and pull or push the
selector lever in the corresponding direction.
As soon as the selector lever is released, it re‐
verts to the center position. In position R, the
selector lever locks.
The engaged selector lever position is dis‐
played in the instrument cluster and on the se‐
lector lever.
If a selector lever position is engaged, the vehi‐
cle may start rolling, after the brake is released,
e.g., on downhill slopes. Thus, drive off imme‐
diately after releasing the brake.
Use the Slow Speed Assistant for maneuver‐
ing and during stop-and-go traffic.
Low Speed Assistant
The Low Speed Assistant gives assistance at
very low speeds. The vehicle moves at walking
This can also be used for rocking the vehicle in
the snow. To do this, switch between reverse
gear and forward gear without stepping on the
brakes in the process.
Safety information
When using the function and simultane‐
ously stepping on the brake pedal for a longer
time, the transmission can overheat. There is a
risk of property damage. When using the func‐
tion, do not brake for a longer period.◀
Engage a driving position.
Briefly tap the accelerator pedal.
The vehicle rolls at minimum speed.
This is possible in 1st and 2nd gear and in re‐
verse gear.
Apply the brakes until the vehicle comes to a
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