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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Flashing display on the selector lever
of the double clutch transmission
The actually engaged transmission position
can deviate from the selector lever position in
some situations. The display in the selector
lever flashes.
Observe the display in the instrument cluster
in these cases.
D is Drive mode
In Drive mode, all forward gears are automati‐
cally changed.
Kickdown: for maximum acceleration, e.g.,
when passing. To do this, depress the acceler‐
ator pedal past the resistance point.
Switch to Sequential mode: shift using the
shift paddles or the selector lever, or push the
selector lever in the D/S direction.
S is Sequential mode
Use the shift paddles or the selector lever to
upshift or downshift without letting off the gas.
Shortly before falling below a gear-de‐
pendent minimum speed, the transmission
is automatically downshifted.
Upshifting or downshifting is done only if
the rpm and vehicle speed are appropriate.
E.g., there is no downshifting if the engine
speed is too high.
Kickdown: the lowest possible gear is se‐
lected by simultaneously operating the
kickdown and the left shift paddle or selec‐
tor lever.
It is also possible to start out in 2nd gear,
e.g., on icy roads.
Switch to Drive mode: push selector lever in
D/S direction.
Reverse R
Select only when the vehicle is stationary.
It is also possible to rock the vehicle up to
6 mph/10 km/h. To do this, switch between
forward gear and reverse gear without step‐
ping on the brakes in the process.
N is Neutral
The vehicle may roll in selector lever posi‐
tion N, e.g., in vehicle washes, refer to
page 209.
P Park
The drive wheels are blocked.
P is engaged automatically:
After the engine is switched off when the
vehicle is in radio-ready state, refer to
page 66, or when the ignition is switched
off, refer to page
66, and when position R
or D is set.
With the ignition is off, if position N is set.
Displays in the instrument cluster
The selector lever position is dis‐
played, for example: P.
When the external temperature is very low, the
display may not work. Current driving direction
is recognizable at the engaged selector lever
Gear change
General information
Shifting in Sequential mode possible.
A shift in Drive mode causes a switch to Se‐
quential mode.
Using the selector lever
To shift up: pull the selector lever rear‐
To shift down: press the selector lever for‐
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