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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Messages, for instance Check Control, re‐
fer to page
Range, refer to page
Status, Driving Dynamics Control, refer to
page 121.
Service requirements, refer to page
Speed Limit Info, refer to page
Time, refer to page
Check Control
The Check Control system monitors functions
in the vehicle and notifies you of malfunctions
in the monitored systems.
A Check Control message is displayed as a
combination of indicator or warning lights and
SMS text messages in the instrument cluster.
In addition, an acoustic signal may sound and a
SMS text message may appear on the Control
Indicator/warning lights
General information
The indicator and warning lights in the instru‐
ment cluster can light up in a variety of combi‐
nations and colors.
Several of the lights are checked for proper
functioning and light up temporarily when the
engine is started or the ignition is switched on.
Red lights
Safety belt reminder
Safety belt on the driver's side is not
buckled. For some country-specific
models: passenger belt is not worn or
objects are detected on the front passenger
Indicator lamp flashes or is illuminated: safety
belt on the driver or passenger side is not
buckled. The safety belt reminder can also be
activated if objects are placed on the front pas‐
senger seat.
Make sure that the safety belts are positioned
Airbag system
Airbag system and belt tensioner are
not working.
Have the vehicle checked immediately
by a dealer’s service center or another quali‐
fied service center or repair shop.
Parking brake
Release the parking brake, refer to
page 71.
Approach control warning
Indicator light illuminates: advance
warning is issued, for example when
there is the impending danger of a col‐
lision or the distance to the vehicle ahead is
too small.
Increase distance.
Indicator light flashes: acute warning of the im‐
minent danger of a collision when the vehicle
approaches another vehicle at a relatively high
differential speed.
Intervention by braking or make an evasive ma‐
Person warning
Symbol in the instrument cluster.
If a collision with a person detected in
this way is imminent, the symbol lights
up and a signal sounds.
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