BMW M2 2017 Owner's Manual – Page 84

Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
Manufacturer: BMW
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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Steering system
Steering system in some cases not
Have the steering system checked by a
dealer’s service center or another qualified
service center or repair shop.
The warning light lights up:
Emissions are deteriorating. Have
the vehicle checked as soon as
The warning light flashes under certain cir‐
This indicates that there is excessive mis‐
firing in the engine.
Reduce the vehicle speed and have the
system checked immediately; otherwise,
serious engine misfiring within a brief pe‐
riod can seriously damage emission con‐
trol components, in particular the catalytic
Socket for Onboard Diagnosis, refer to
page 194.
Lane departure warning
System is switched on and under cer‐
tain circumstances warns if a detected
lane is left without flashing beforehand.
Lane departure warning, refer to page
Green lights
Turn signal
Turn signal switched on.
Unusually rapid flashing of the indicator
light indicates that a turn signal bulb
has failed.
Turn signal, refer to page
Parking lights, headlight
Parking lights or headlights are
switched on.
High-beam Assistant
High-beam Assistant is switched on.
High beams are switched on and off
automatically depending on the traffic
High-beam Assistant, refer to page
Cruise control
The system is switched on. It maintains
the speed that was set using the con‐
trol elements on the steering wheel.
Blue lights
High beams
High beams are switched on.
High beams, refer to page
Hiding Check Control messages
Press and hold button on signal lever.
Continuous display
Some Check Control messages are displayed
continuously and are not cleared until the mal‐
function is eliminated. If several malfunctions
occur at once, the messages are displayed
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