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Posted on 1 Jan, 2020
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Product: BMW M2 2017
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These messages can be hidden for approx.
8 seconds. After this time, they are displayed
again automatically.
Temporary display
Other Check Control messages are hidden au‐
tomatically after approx. 20 seconds. These
Check Control messages are stored and can
be displayed again later.
Displaying stored Check Control
Using iDrive:
"Vehicle info"
"Vehicle status"
"Check Control"
Select the SMS text message.
Check Control
At least one Check Control message is
displayed or is stored.
SMS text messages
SMS text messages in combination with a
symbol in the instrument cluster explain a
Check Control message and the meaning of
the indicator/warning lights.
Supplementary SMS text messages
Additional information, such as on the cause of
an error or the required action, can be called up
via Check Control.
With urgent messages the added text will be
automatically displayed on the Control Display.
Further help
Within the supplementary text, additional help
can be selected, depending on the Check
Control message.
Display additional information about
the Check Control message in the
Integrated Owner's Manual.
"Service request"
Contact a dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair
"Roadside Assistance"
Contact Roadside Assistance.
Messages after trip completion
Special messages displayed while driving are
displayed again after the ignition is switched
Fuel gauge
Depending on the equipment
version, the arrow beside the
fuel pump symbol shows which
side of the vehicle the fuel filler
flap is on.
Vehicle tilt position may cause the display to
Information on refueling, refer to page
The yellow indicator light illuminates,
once the fuel reserve is reached.
Always avoid engine speeds in the red warning
field. In this range, the fuel supply is reduced to
protect the engine.
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