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Posted on 8 May, 2019
Manufacturer: Bosch
Category: Jigsaws
Product: Bosch GST 150 CE
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1 609 92A 2BV | (26.1.16)
Bosch Power Tools
Intended Use
The machine is intended for making separating cuts and cut-
outs in wood, plastic, metal,
ceramic plates and rubber while
resting firmly on the workpiece. It is suitable for straight and
curved cuts with mitre angles
to 45 °. The saw blade recom-
mendations are to be observed.
Technical Data
The technical data of the machin
e are listed in the table on
page 183.
The values given are valid for a nominal voltage [U] of 230 V.
For different voltages and models for specific countries,
these values can vary.
Declaration of Conformity
We declare under our sole responsibility that the product de-
scribed under “Technical Data” is
in conformity with the fol-
lowing standards or standardization documents: EN 60745
according to the provisions of the directives 2011/65/EU,
2014/30/EU, 2006/42/EC, EN 50581.
Technical file (2006/42/EC) at:
Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, PT/ETM9,
70538 Stuttgart, GERMANY
Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH
70538 Stuttgart, GERMANY
Stuttgart, 01.01.2017
Noise/Vibration Information
The measured values of the machine are listed in the table on
page 183.
Noise and vibrational values (vector sum of three directions)
determined according to EN 60745.
The vibration level given in this information sheet has been
measured in accordance with a standardised test given in
EN 60745 and may be used to compare one tool with anoth-
er. It may be used for a preliminary assessment of exposure.
The declared vibration emission level represents the main ap-
plications of the tool. However if the tool is used for different
applications, with different accessories or insertion tools or is
poorly maintained, the vibration emission may differ. This
may significantly increase the
exposure level over the total
working period.
An estimation of the
level of exposure to vibration should also
take into account the times when
the tool is switched off or
when it is running but not actual
ly doing the job. This may sig-
nificantly reduce the exposure
level over the total working
Identify additional safety meas
ures to protect the operator
from the effects of vibration such
as: maintain the tool and the
accessories, keep the hands wa
rm, organisation of work pat-
Mounting and Operation
The following table indicates the
action objectives for mo
unting and operation of the power tool. The instructions for each act
objective are shown aside. Depending on the type of applicatio
n, various instruction combinations are required. Observe the
safety instructions.
Henk Becker
Executive Vice President
Helmut Heinzelmann
Head of Product Certification
Please observe
Inserting the Saw Blade
Ejecting the Saw Blade
Switching on the sawdust blower
Connecting the dust extraction
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