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Posted on 8 May, 2019
Manufacturer: Bosch
Category: Jigsaws
Product: Bosch GST 150 CE
Pages: 197
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| Français
1 609 92A 2BV | (26.1.16)
Bosch Power Tools
After-sales Service and Application
Our after-sales service responds to your questions concern-
ing maintenance and repair of your product as well as spare
parts. Exploded views and information on spare parts can al-
so be found under:
Bosch’s application service team
will gladly answer questions
concerning our products and their accessories.
In all correspondence and spare
parts order, please always in-
clude the 10-digit article number
given on the type plate of
the machine.
Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
UB 9 5HJ
At you can
order spare parts or arrange
the collection of a product in need of servicing or repair.
Tel. Service: (0844) 7360109
Origo Ltd.
Unit 23 Magna Drive
Magna Business Park
City West
Dublin 24
Tel. Service: (01) 4666700
Fax: (01) 4666888
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands
Robert Bosch Australia Pty. Ltd.
Power Tools
Locked Bag 66
Clayton South VIC 3169
Customer Contact Center
Inside Australia:
Phone: (01300) 307044
Fax: (01300) 307045
Inside New Zealand:
Phone: (0800) 543353
Fax: (0800) 428570
Outside AU and NZ:
Phone: +61 3 95415555
Republic of South Africa
Customer service
Hotline: (011) 6519600
Gauteng – BSC Service Centre
35 Roper Street, New Centre
Tel.: (011) 4939375
Fax: (011) 4930126
KZN – BSC Service Centre
Unit E, Almar Centre
143 Crompton Street
Tel.: (031) 7012120
Fax: (031) 7012446
Western Cape – BSC Service Centre
Democracy Way, Prosperity Park
Tel.: (021) 5512577
Fax: (021) 5513223
Bosch Headquarters
Midrand, Gauteng
Tel.: (011) 6519600
Fax: (011) 6519880
The machine, accessories and packaging should be sorted for
ndly recycling.
Do not dispose of power tools into household waste!
Only for EC countries:
According to the European Guideline
2012/19/EU for Waste El
ectrical and Elec-
tronic Equipment and its implementation
into national right, po
wer tools that are no
longer usable must be collected separately
and disposed of in an environmentally cor-
rect manner.
Subject to change without notice.
Avertissements de sécurité généraux
pour l’outil
Lire tous les avertissements
de sécurité et toutes les ins-
Ne pas suivre les avertiss
ements et instructions
peut donner lieu à un choc él
ectrique, un incendie et/ou une
blessure sérieuse.
Conserver tous les avertissements et toutes les instruc-
tions pour pouvoir s’y reporter ultérieurement.
Le terme « outil » dans les avertissements fait référence à
votre outil électrique alimenté
par le secteur (avec cordon
d’alimentation) ou votre outil
fonctionnant sur batterie (sans
cordon d’alimentation).
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