LG UT24H.NN1 User Manual – Page 16

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Air Conditioners
Product: LG UT24H.NN1
Pages: 27
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Air Conditioner
Test running
N: After the confirmation of the above conditions, prepare the wiring
as follows:
1) Never fail to have an individual power specialized for the air conditioner.
As for the method of wiring, be guided by the circuit diagram pasted on
the inside of control box cover.
2) Provide a circuit breaker switch between power source and the unit.
3) The screw which fasten the wiring in the casing of electrical fittings are
liable to come loose from vibrations to which the unit is subjected
during the course of transportation. Check them and make sure that
they are all tightly fastened. (If they are loose, it could give rise to burn-
out of the wires.)
4) Specification of power source
5) Confirm that electrical capacity is sufficient.
6) Be sure that the starting voltage is maintained at more than 90 percent
of the rated voltage marked on the name plate.
Confirm that the cable thickness is as specified in the power sources
(Particularly note the relation between cable length and thickness.)
8) Never fail to equip a leakage breaker where it is wet or moist.
9) The following troubles would be caused by voltage drop-down.
• Vibration of a magnetic switch, damage on the contact point there of, fuse
breaking, disturbance to the normal function of a overload protection device.
• Proper starting power is not given to the compressor.
10) Use only 1 remote-controller contained in indoor unit, when you
combine to use both cassette type indoor unit and different Indoor
units combinations as shown below.
After setting the ESP value in the Duct Type Indoor Unit, the main
power turns off and then remove the remote controller.
Teach the customer the operation and maintenance procedures, using the operation manual
(air filter cleaning, temperature control, etc.).