LG UT24H.NN1 User Manual – Page 17

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Air Conditioners
Product: LG UT24H.NN1
Pages: 27
File size: 5 MB

Installation Manual
Optional Operation
Installer Setting -Test Run Mode
Optional Operation
Function Code
Press button to start.
During the test run, pressing the below
button will exit the test run.
- Select operation, temperature
up/down, wind flow control, wind
direction, start/stop button.
If pressing button long for 3
seconds, it enters into remote controller
setter setup mode.
- If pressing once shortly, it enters into
user setup mode. Please press more
than 3 seconds for sure.
- Please cancel the right and left of wind
direction for RAC product.
Setup figure ’01’ blinks at the lower part
of indication window.
After installing the product, you must run a Test Run mode.
For details related to this operation, refer to the product manual.