LG UT24H.NN1 User Manual – Page 20

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Air Conditioners
Product: LG UT24H.NN1
Pages: 27
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Air Conditioner
Optional Operation
Installer Setting -Ceiling Height Selection
This function is to adjust FAN Airflow rate according to ceilingheight (only cassette model)
Function Code
Thermistor setting
Select ceiling height value by pressing
button. (01:Low, 02:Standard,
03:High, 04Very high)
Press button to save.
If moving to ceiling height selection menu by
pressing button, it indicates as picture
If pressing button long for 3
seconds, it enters into remote
controller setter setup mode.
- If pressing once shortly, it enters
into user setup mode. Please press
more than 3 seconds for sure.
Pressing button will exit settings mode.
After setup, it automatically gets out of
setup mode if there is no button input for
25 seconds.
When exiting without pressing set button,
the manipulated value is not reflected.
Ceiling height setting is available only for some products.
Ceiling height of ‘Super high’ function may not exist depending on the indoor unit.
Refer to the product manual for more details.
Ceiling Height Level
01 Low
Decrease the indoor airflow rate 1 step from standard level
02 Standard
Set the indoor airflow rate as standard level
03 High
Increase indoor airflow rate 1 step from standard level
04 Super high
Increase indoor airflow rate 2 steps from standard level
<Ceiling Height Selection Table>