LG UT24H.NN1 User Manual – Page 25

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Air Conditioners
Product: LG UT24H.NN1
Pages: 27
File size: 5 MB

Installation Manual
How to Set E.S.P?
How to Set E.S.P?
If entering into ESP setup mode by using
button, it indicates as the picture
Select ESP fan step by pressing
button. (01: very low, 02: low,
03: medium, 04: high, 05: power)
Move to ESP value setting by pressing
(It is 000 when delivering
from the warehouse.)
Press button to setup ESP value.
(It is possible to setup ESP
value from 1 to 255, and 1 is
the smallest and 255 is the
Function code,
ESP code
ESP value
If pressing button long for 3
seconds, it enters into remote
controller setter setup mode.
- If pressing once shortly, it enters
into user setup mode. Please press
more than 3 seconds for sure.
Function Code
ESP value
ESP step
• If you set ESP incorrectly, the air conditioner may malfunction.
• This setting must be carried out by a certificated-technician.
This is the function that decides the strength of the wind for each wind level and because this
function is to make the installation easier.
When setting ESP value on the product without very weak wind or power wind function, it may not