LG V20 (LGLS997) User Manual – Page 119

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Cell Phones
Product: LG V20 (LGLS997)
Pages: 170
File size: 4 MB

Phone Settings
Screen color adjustment
: Adjust the display color.
: Switch the screen to grayscale mode.
End call with the Power key
: End a call by pressing the
Power/Lock key.
: Turn on the subtitle service when playing
videos for the hearing impaired.
Flash alerts
: Set the device to notify you with a blinking
light for incoming calls, messages and alarms.
Mute all sounds
: Mute all sounds and lower volume on
the receiver.
Audio channel
: Select the audio type.
Sound balance
: Adjust the audio output balance. Use the
slide bar to change the balance.
Motor & cognition
Touch assistant
: Turn on the touch board to
make buttons and gestures easier to use.
Motor & cognition
Touch input
: Enter text by touching and
holding the screen or modify it by simply touching the screen.
Motor & cognition
Physical keyboard
: Customize the keyboard
Motor & cognition
Auto mouse click
: Automatically click where
the pointer stops.
Motor & cognition
Touch and hold for calls
: Answer or decline
calls by touching and holding the call button instead of dragging it.
Motor & cognition
Screen timeout
: Turn off the screen
automatically when the device is left idle for a specified period of
Motor & cognition
Touch control areas
: Limit the touch area
so that only a particular portion of the screen can be controlled by
touch input.
Accessibility features shortcut
: Quickly access a frequently used
function by tapping
three times.