LG V20 (LGLS997) User Manual – Page 15

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Cell Phones
Product: LG V20 (LGLS997)
Pages: 170
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Custom-designed Features
Overview screen
The Overview screen provides a preview of your recently-used apps.
To view the list of recently-used apps, tap
on the Home touch buttons.
Touch and hold an app and drag it to the top of the screen to start the
app with the Multi-Window feature. You can also tap
at the top of
each app preview.
Fingerprint recognition
Fingerprint recognition overview
You must register your fingerprint on your device first before using the
fingerprint recognition function.
You can use the fingerprint recognition function in the following cases:
To unlock the screen
To view locked contents in QuickMemo+.
Confirm a purchase by signing in to an app or identifying yourself with
your fingerprint.
Your fingerprint can be used by the device for user identification.
Very similar fingerprints from different users may be recognized by
the fingerprint sensor as the same fingerprint. To enhance the device
security, set the screen lock to a Knock Code, pattern, PIN or password.